Baby Club for ages 3 to 4 maximum

Magic Marmotte Park Kinder garden

Required level Never skied. Learning and notions of snow plough
Children From 3 to 4
years old max (48 month)
Group 8 children maximum
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The stage, our concept

Baby Club de
Tonton Mayonnaise

Tonton Mayonnaise’s Baby Club provides skiing lessons for the very young, from the ages of 3 to 4 max. It’s not a crèche but a mini-school where kids learn how to ski and, more importantly, how to enjoy skiing. The course lasts five days, 10.00 am to 12 noon monday to friday made up of 8 children on average with rental equipment free (skis + boots) to return at end of stage.

We teach children to ski from the age of 3 y.old minimum to 4 y.old max (48 month max), Introducing them to snowplough. Even more important than results is making your little ones love skiing and want to come back.
We specialize in teaching young children.
A unique park to discover and enjoy skiing. The Park is in the "Rond-point des pistes" area left of the Grenouilles electric carpet (see the village map at the top of this page).

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The joy of skiing Developing your child’s balance, movement, muscle tone, energy Levels / medals, motor skills and independence, as well as encouraging him/her to love skiing and seeing Tonton Mayonnaise again. The emphasis is on fun. Having fun is the best way to learn. We need three mornings to earn your child’s trust. Please do whatever you can to put him/her in the best possible mood on the first day.

Our Packages

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5-day course From monday to friday
Free rental equipment (skis + boots)
From 10h to 12h
An unique experience

A ski course focused on experience and independence

Kids and adults don't see things the same way. When it's snowing a kid can't wait to go outside to play and do a snowman. It's just a question of point of view. When the weather is not perfect or when it is snowing, we put ourselves in our warmed space to play, draw and have fun. During these days, it is our job to make your kid's morning a normal day.

How the Tonton Mayonnaise
baby Club course works

Appointment time Please take your child to the right place at the right time and not before because a two-hour session is already very tiring. Please make sure that your child is wearing ski boots. For the lessons to run smoothly, parents are politely asked to keep their distance. Thank you. Meeting time: 9.50 am at the park.
Ski equipment The loan of equipment (skis + boots) which is included in the price of the course is to be collected imperatively on Sunday from 15h30 directly in our “MGM Sports” store in the same place as our EASYSKI office. Your child must have all the correct equipment : Gloves that are easy to put on and take off. Sunglasses or goggles that fit properly. A helmet is appreciated (available in our shop or online). A rugsack (with his name on it) with a snack, drink, tissues, favourite toy...
  • 10h00 to 10h15 welcoming and reassuring the kids
  • 10h15 to 10h50 learning and practicing skiing
  • 10h50 to 11h15 break and snack
  • 11h15 to 11h45 playtime and preparations to leave
  • 11h45 to 12h00 collection by the parents
The reward
Progress review
Progress is reviewed at the end of the week and not after the first session. Your child may cry when you say goodbye but their tears are soon forgotten once the lesson is underway.

At the end of the week, your child will receive "LA MARMOTTE - BABY" medal and will also receive his test booklet. This presentation will take place during the last session between the children and their instructor.
Kinder garden at Alpe d'Huez

Discover Tonton Mayonnaise's baby ski club
at Alpe d'Huez

Welcome to Tonton Mayonnaise's Baby Club at Alpe d'Huez, the ideal kindergarten to introduce your little ones to the exciting world of skiing. Our specially designed stages for children starting from the age of 3 provide a unique learning experience. At EasySki ski school, skiing learning begins early and happens in a playful and secure manner.

Why choose our Baby Club?

Real snowplow learning at Alpe d'Huez
Our qualified instructors are experts in teaching skiing to toddlers. We focus on teaching the snowplow technique, essential for beginners. Through adapted teaching methods, your children will progress at their own pace, with confidence.

Friendly and secure atmosphere at the baby club
At Tonton Mayonnaise, your children's safety is our top priority. Our baby club provides a warm and friendly environment where children can have fun safely under the careful supervision of our experienced instructors. Parents can enjoy their day on the slopes with peace of mind.

Professional supervision
Our ski instructors are not only passionate about skiing but also about teaching children. They are trained to understand the specific needs of toddlers and adapt their approach accordingly. Your children will be in good hands, ready to discover the joys of skiing with confidence.

Book your spot at Tonton Mayonnaise's Baby Club now!

Give your children an unforgettable experience on the slopes of Alpe d'Huez. Tonton Mayonnaise's baby ski club stages at EasySki ski school are the perfect starting point for future skiing champions. Book now and let us turn your little ones into passionate skiers.

We look forward to welcoming your children and helping them develop their love for skiing in a safe and fun environment.

Tonton Mayonnaise - Where little ones become great on the slopes!