« LA MARMOTTE » of the Alps

An animal from our mountains that we all appreciate and that we have the pleasure of seeing when the snow melts in our ski resorts.
But LA MARMOTTE is much more.

An international ski school at Alpe d'Huez

The term LA MARMOTTE has also been chosen by an international ski school, specifically EASYSKI Ski School in Alpe d'Huez. They have chosen the term LA MARMOTTE to define the names of their alpine skiing stages, such as the LA MARMOTTE Club for adults and children as well as to define their skill levels that will be awarded to clients. For example, there's the LA MARMOTTE - Baby level for the kindergarten, LA MARMOTTE for beginners, and then from LA MARMOTTE White to LA MARMOTTE Black, reminiscent of the classification of ski slopes in France.

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LA MARMOTTE" trademark registration

It goes without saying that a trademark registration is necessary to protect the use of the term LA MARMOTTE. Various registrations were made many years ago with the INPI (French National Institute of Industrial Property).

A friendly word

You've clearly understood that the term LA MARMOTTE is an integral part of the VACHEZ family's journey. So come visit us at the Alpe d'Huez ski resort to attain the various levels of LA MARMOTTE in our EASYSKI ski school (participate in our timed slalom called the 'Trophée de LA MARMOTTE and de LA MÈRE MICHEL') and to see your child, aged between 2 and a half and 4 years old, rewarded with their LA MARMOTTE – Baby medal, specially awarded at the end of the TONTON MAYONNAISE Baby Club stage within the Magic Marmotte Park.