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Name: MGM Sports & EASYSKI
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The publication director is Thierry VACHEZ, as the Founder of the business.

Intellectual Property

Status of links and content

External links

The links on the website (direct links, permalinks, partner links...) redirect the user to websites whose content is under the responsibility of the publishers of those sites. MGM Sports & EASYSKI cannot, in any case, be held responsible for the content of these sites. As we place particular importance on the legality of the content of the sites to which our links point, we kindly request that you notify us of any content that may appear unlawful to you on the sites to which links have been established.


The content of the websites published by MGM Sports & EASYSKI has been created with the utmost care. Therefore, no unlawful or defamatory content is disseminated on them. Furthermore, they do not exhibit any characteristics that could be considered 'misleading advertising' within the meaning of Articles 121-1 and following of the Consumer Code.

Advertisements on the websites

Advertisements may be displayed on our websites. These advertisements may come from external sources (third-party affiliate management platforms, Google® ads...) or be managed by our own advertising agency. MGM Sports & EASYSKI cannot be held responsible for the 'misleading or aggressive' nature of advertisements from external sources. Regarding advertisements managed by MGM Sports & EASYSKI, we reserve the right to not display advertisements that are clearly misleading within the meaning of Articles 121-1 and following of the Consumer Code.

Data Protection and Privacy

In accordance with CNIL recommendation 2005-284, this website has not been declared as such. However, all current or future data processing related to the website has been or will be declared to the CNIL.
The aforementioned processes comply with NS48 of 07/06/2005 issued by the French National Commission on Informatics and Liberty (CNIL). You can find complete details in our 'data protection' section.
In accordance with Articles 38 and 40 of Law 2004-801 of 06/08/2004, you have the right to access, rectify, and delete data concerning you. This right can be exercised online by sending an email to contact@mgm-sports-location-ski.com or by mail to the following address: MGM Sports & EASYSKI – 497 route du signal - 38750 Alpe d'Huez.

Procedure for exercising the right of access (this right cannot be exercised in person)

Before providing us with personal data, we will ask you to provide proof of your identity. If you are unable to prove your identity, we reserve the right to refuse to send you personal data related to you.

In accordance with Decree 2007-451 of 25/03/2007, your request will be fulfilled within a maximum period of 2 months, provided it is not abusive. A flat fee not exceeding the cost of document reproduction may be charged for your request.
Regarding the rights of rectification and deletion: the prerequisites are the same as those for the right of access.

Politique de confidentialité et de Protection des données

A section specifically dedicated to our data protection and privacy policy has been written for this purpose. Please consult it on our websites by clicking on the 'data protection' section.


Tous nos sites sont hébergés sur les serveurs de la société: SKILOU SYNERGIE 73 et ADWIN

Customer Service

The customer service of EASYSKI Ski School can only be reached electronically (email) at contact@mgm-sports-location-ski.com or by phone at +33(0)4 76 80 35 03 during the following hours: Monday to Friday from 3:00 PM to 6:30 PM and on weekends during office hours. Due to the high volume of calls received, requests are prioritized and processed in order of priority. Therefore, a non-urgent call will be processed within a maximum of 48 business hours.


You can contact us at the following address: contact@easyski-ecoledeski.com for any inquiries, and at contact@mgm-sports-location-ski.com to exercise your right of access.

Data protection on the MGM Sports & EASYSKI website


This policy outlines how we handle the information we collect about you when you visit our site. We place great importance on respecting the privacy and individual data of our users. We also prioritize the protection of your privacy and individual data in how we create, organize, and implement our activities both online and offline. To maintain the highest level of protection for the personal data we process, our websites and the entities administering them will adhere to the principles outlined in:

Site administration

The site you are currently visiting MGM Sports & EASYSKI is administered from our headquarters in France.

Link status

The specific practices described in this privacy policy statement apply only to the aforementioned website. External links to other entities associated with EASYSKI ECOLE DE SKI may be present on our websites, for editorial, partnership, advertising, payment purposes, etc. Please be aware that we are not responsible for the privacy policy and content of external sites.

In this regard, we recommend reviewing the privacy policy statements of other entities when visiting their websites. Nonetheless, we make every effort to review the content of our partners' and advertisers' websites before entering into any collaboration.

Specifications on data usage and collection (automatically recorded information): You can browse our website without disclosing any personal information. However, some services you use require the collection and storage of certain automatically recognized elements. The collection of this data is done through cookies, intended to improve our services and may also be used for generating statistics. A cookie is a data element sent to your browser from a website and stored on your hard drive.

Cookies are present in the private areas of our websites (if the user registers), and they are used to store the visitor's password so that they do not have to re-enter it on each new visit. These cookies may include the following information: Please note that you can prevent cookies from being saved by configuring your browser. To find out how to do this, please consult your browser's help section.

Collection and use of data provided voluntarily

It is not necessary to register on our website. You can browse it even if you do not wish to register or provide personal information. However, in that case, you will not be able to make online purchases, receive email newsletters, or contact us electronically. We respect your choice and will never collect personal data about you without your explicit consent.

If we collect data that you provide to us when creating your private spaces, when placing orders, participating in surveys, contests, or other forms, as well as in the emails you send us, we may extract anonymous pieces of information and combine them with others. These pieces of information, which can only be used and analyzed in aggregated form, help us better understand certain trends and usage profiles. They are never processed individually. If you do not want transaction-related information to be used in this way, you can either disable your cookies or stop the registration at the query level.

All data processing concerning our customers and prospects who use our website complies with Simplified Standard No. 48 of 07/06/2005 issued by the CNIL (French Data Protection Authority). For details about these processes (recipients, purposes, retention periods, data processed), please click here. These data processing activities have been implemented by our data controller, whose contact details can be found in the "legal notice" section.

Data protection for minors

The use of our website is reserved for adults. Any data collection that may be carried out with minors must be communicated to the parental authority, which has the capacity to object to any processing of such data. However, any adult with parental authority can, under their responsibility, allow their minor child to use our website and its associated services.

Free choice for visitors

We collect personal data if it is voluntarily provided when you use our services. You can choose to create a private account on our websites, receive promotional or marketing information from us or our partners by selecting the desired options when you sign up. All our sign-ups follow the principle of active Opt-In or Double Opt-In and always require voluntary action on your part. If you choose to sign up or make a purchase, the information you provide will be accessible to our entity's staff and authorized third parties who will use it for event management purposes. If you no longer wish to receive promotional information or marketing communications from us or our partners, you can simply let us know via email as mentioned in the "legal notices" section or by using the unsubscribe link provided at the bottom of each newsletter. We also provide several means to contact us to exercise your rights or express your willingness to provide us with personal data (for example, but not limited to):

Privacy and security

Our concern is to preserve the quality and integrity of your personal information. The technologies and security policies implemented by us and our technical service providers are designed to protect the personal data of our users against unauthorized access, improper use, alteration, malicious or accidental destruction, and inadvertent data loss.

We continuously improve our security procedures as technology evolves to maintain a maximum level of protection. On our site, the transmission of your personal data is secured using various protocols that provide the highest degree of protection in accordance with existing technology and the category of personal data being transmitted:

Category 1: Primary personal data (name, email, contact information, etc.)
Category 2: Other personal profile data (description, hobbies, preferences, etc.)
Category 3: Identifiers (credit card numbers, private space login credentials, etc.)

All our employees, subcontractors, and authorized third parties who have access to the data or are involved in their processing are required to respect the confidentiality of the personal data of our visitors, customers, and prospects.

We guarantee that your personal data will not be disclosed to institutions or government authorities, except as required by law or regulation.


To maintain the highest level of protection for the personal data we hold about our visitors, customers, and prospects, we regularly conduct self-assessments. This self-assessment is carried out by the data controller and covers both technical and organizational measures.
It also includes regular assessments of our relationships with our subcontractors, partners, and authorized third parties regarding their data protection policies.

Right of access, rectification and deletion

In accordance with Articles 38 and following of Law 78-17 as amended, you have the right to access, rectify, and delete data concerning you.

Regarding the right of access:
Before sending you personal data, we will ask you to provide proof of your identity. If you are unable to prove your identity, we reserve the right to refuse to send you the personal data concerning you. We strive to respond to these requests within reasonable timeframes.
Regarding the rights of rectification and deletion:
The prerequisites are the same as those for the right of access.

Notification of changes

The creation of new services on our websites may require changes to this data protection policy. In such cases, we will notify these changes in this section. We will also declare these changes to the CNIL (French Data Protection Authority) if necessary.


For any questions regarding our data protection policy, please contact us using one of the methods provided in our "legal notice" section.

Terms and Conditions of the MGM Sports & EASYSKI Website


You are currently connected to one of the websites managed by Thierry VACHEZ. This document aims to inform you about his general online sales terms and conditions (Contractual Conditions). You must carefully read the following provisions as they constitute an electronic contract establishing the general terms and conditions of sale for the MGM Sports & EASYSKI online store. The 'Double-click' that you will execute after filling out your order form constitutes its validation and will be an irrevocable acceptance of these Contractual Conditions when your order is validated. Therefore, you can only order products and/or services if you accept all the conditions outlined below.
The internet user (natural person with the capacity to contract) and MGM Sports & EASYSKI are hereinafter referred to as 'the parties,' and individually 'the party'.


In this contract, each of the expressions mentioned below shall be understood in accordance with its definition, namely:


This contract is an electronic distance selling contract that aims to define the rights and obligations of the parties in the context of the sale of products offered by MGM Sports & EASYSKI. In this sense, it complies with the current French regulations, namely:

It also complies with the recommendations of the OECD in the field of e-commerce.

Protection of Minors

Our company places particular importance on the protection of minors in the context of its online commercial activity. While minors may act alone in cases where the law or custom allows them to act alone (art. 389-3 c. civ.), especially for low-value purchases, we believe it is essential to try by all means to verify that the customer has the power to contract.

To this end, it is possible that we may ask any customer placing an order on our website to provide evidence of their capacity to contract, in compliance with the obligations related to Law 78-17 as amended.

In the event that a purchase is made by a person who does not have the legal capacity to contract, we advise the legal representatives of that person to rescind (cancel) the sale under Article 1305 of the Civil Code.


The products offered by MGM Sports & EASYSKI are presented on the websites in the French language. Any citizen of the European Community and countries adhering to Directive 95/46/EC cannot invoke their lack of linguistic knowledge as a clause for canceling the contract.

The products offered for direct sale by MGM Sports & EASYSKI are those displayed on the MGM Sports & EASYSKI website at the time of the website's consultation by the Internet user, and within the limits of available stock. The illustrations presented on the website reflect the products available for sale on the site, except in cases limited to the technical characteristics of the Internet (screen resolution and colors of the Internet user's screen, etc.).

Due to the specificity of the internet network, the company does not guarantee the real-time availability of all products on its website. In the event of temporary or permanent unavailability of one of the products, the company will inform Internet users through its website or by sending an email to a valid email address provided by the customer. The company will then offer you the replacement of the ordered product with an equivalent product (in terms of quality and price), or a credit, or the option to exercise your right of resolution (cancellation of your order).


The prices of the products may be changed at any time by the company, except for any sale of a product concluded for the price displayed on MGM Sports & EASYSKI
In case of a manifest typographical error leading to the display of a "vile price," the sale may be canceled, as mentioned in the "Order Execution" article.
The prices mentioned are in Euros (€), presented including VAT, and include processing fees.
Delivery costs are the responsibility of the customer, unless otherwise stipulated during the order process. The different delivery options (along with their rates) are presented during the ordering process and specified in the order summary.
Payment of the total price must be made no later than at the delivery of the products, unless otherwise specified during the ordering process and indicated on the invoice.
In the event of delivery of products outside the French territory, customs duties and formalities are the exclusive responsibility of the Client, unless otherwise indicated. The Client agrees to verify the importation possibilities of the ordered products in relation to the territory of the delivery country.

Ordering and payment

Any order form signed by the Client with a "double click" constitutes an irrevocable acceptance that can only be challenged in the cases specifically provided for in this contract in the "Right of Withdrawal" and "Order Execution" articles. Any agreement of an estimate sent by email to the client and returned to MGM Sports & EASYSKI with explicit approval also constitutes an irrevocable acceptance.
The ordering process complies with the provisions of Article 1369-5 of the Civil Code.

To pay for his order, the Customer may choose from all the payment methods mentioned in the ordering process and presented on the company's website. The Customer guarantees the company that he has the necessary authorizations to use the payment method chosen by him when validating the order.

In the case of payment by credit card, the Customer must provide his credit card number, the expiration date of the card, and the three-digit security code (the three-digit number on the back of the credit card).
MGM Sports & EASYSKI guarantees that the payment is secure through SSL (Secure Socket Layer) encryption to protect all payment-related data as effectively as possible. The company ensures that the cryptographic methods and services used to secure transactions have been authorized or declared in accordance with applicable laws.
In the case of payment by credit card, the provisions regarding fraudulent use of the payment method provided for in the agreements between the Customer and the card issuer and between the company and its banking establishments apply, in accordance with Article 132-4 of the Monetary and Financial Code.
If the sole payment method is payment by credit card, the final validation of the order occurs upon full payment (unless otherwise specified).

Personal Information

The information requested from the Customer is necessary for the processing of their order and may be communicated to the company's contractual partners (accountants, lawyers, etc.). It may also be transmitted to any competent authority for the resolution of disputes between the company and one of its customers. The customer can consult the characteristics of personal data processing used via the MGM Sports & EASYSKI website in our 'data protection' section. The customer can also exercise their rights of access, rectification, and opposition in accordance with the procedures mentioned in the 'Data Protection' and 'Legal Notices' sections of the company.

Double-click" and proof

The 'double click' associated with the client's authentication and non-repudiation procedure during their order and acceptance of these Contractual Conditions constitutes validation of the order and conclusion of the contract, in accordance with the provisions of Article 1369-5 of the Civil Code. The computerized records, kept on the company's servers as well as on the servers of its banking establishments, shall be considered as rebuttable presumptions of communications, orders, and payments made between the parties. In no case will the company record telephone conversations between a member of the company and one of its customers or prospects. In the case of outsourcing their customer service, the company undertakes to prohibit their partner responsible for implementing this service from making such recordings, including as part of 'service improvement'.

Retention and archiving of documents

The archiving of transaction data is carried out on a reliable and durable medium, in accordance with Article 1348 of the French Civil Code. It is therefore carried out in accordance with the AFNOR Z 42-013 standard concerning the design and operation of computer systems for the purpose of ensuring the preservation and integrity of the records stored in these systems.

Entirety of the contract

These general terms and conditions constitute the entire obligations of the parties. No general or specific conditions communicated by the Customer may be integrated into these general conditions, except in the case of prior agreement between the parties prior to the conclusion of the contract. The fact that the company does not avail itself of a breach by the Customer of any of the obligations set forth herein shall not be interpreted for the future as a waiver of the obligation in question. The company reserves the right to adapt or modify these Contractual Conditions at any time. In the event of a modification, the Contractual Conditions in force on the day of the order will apply to each order. The company will also keep all dated versions of the Contractual Conditions on its servers.

Applicable law

This contract is subject to French law, in accordance with European directives. This applies to both substantive and procedural rules. In the event of a dispute, the companies will prioritize amicable settlement. This search for an amicable solution in no way interrupts the time limits for taking legal action. Otherwise, and in accordance with the provisions of Articles 46 to 48 of the French Code of Civil Procedure, only French courts will have jurisdiction.

Acceptance of the General Terms and Conditions of Sale

In the event of a problem : 33(0)6 14 42 50 42

For any cancellation of services / rental reserved online

10 days or more before the beginning of the latter: 40% of the total cost shall be withheld. (60% shall be reimbursed to you) Later than this, no reimbursement shall be made or can be required.

The total payment of the rental amount of the equipment is to be made from the first day of rental when it comes to equipment rental directly on site in our store. When booking online the entire payment is made by the user when booking through the online payment system. The booked material made directly on spot in our store is due in full for the duration originally planned and no refund will be made in case of cancellation, advanced departure, bad weather or illness. The sole of the equipment you rent is always flawless when we entrust it to you. Thank you for returning it to us in the same state. If this is not the case, and after having studied the damage, we will be obliged to invoice you the repair (price according to the damages) or to invoice you the material in its totality, made broken or unusable, at the price of the new. The same conditions apply to the silkscreened surface of the equipment as well as for bindings, edges, sticks, bags and all the equipment rented in general. Breakage and theft of rented equipment is the responsibility of the rental customer concerned (refund at the price of nine).

Booking online or directly on site :
At the moment of the withdrawal of the material in our MGM Sports store, the person signing the form (or again appearing the general conditions of sale) summarizing all the equipment and accessories rented, recognizes again having read and accepted these same conditions general sales for himself and for anyone registered on the same page (friends, family etc ...) whose names are also associated with the rental of equipment. On site, when assigning rental equipment to a client, the client acknowledges that he has provided accurate data about his weight, size, body size, fitness level, various activities on the snow, so that the equipment safety settings can be made optimally and thus releasing any responsibility for the MGM Sports store. A deposit will be requested (imprint of credit card) to the catch of the material corresponding to the beginning of the period of hiring. This deposit will be returned when returning the equipment after examination of it. This deposit can be cashed up to the damage caused on the rental equipment (on estimate of the store manager thanks to his experience) until the price of nine if the material was rendered in a state unusable for the future. When booking online rental equipment, the photos of the various equipment displayed on the site are not contractual, but the customer will be equipped with the same range chosen during the validation of his online reservation. Range changes will always be possible on site depending on availability and with an additional cost or discount depending on the range finally chosen. Rates may be subject to change based on government regulations.


If general confinement or inability to leave your country by government decision, reimbursement of services reserved and not consumed less € 20 management fees per participant.
For any other reason for cancellation in relation to COVID 19 and declared before the start of the initial concerned reservation (with supporting document), 50% of the total amount of the reservation will be kept (50% will be refunded).

The management