General Terms and Conditions of Sale Club des Dauphins

General Terms and Conditions of Sale
of Club des Dauphins

Upon registration, the customer hereby accepts the following conditions:
No refund for reserved and unused service(s) will be possible, regardless of the reason.
Services will be provided according to the schedule reserved by the customer during the mentioned operating period and in all weather conditions, except when the safety of the customer and the instructor cannot be ensured. In such cases, we will decide to reschedule the relevant service(s).
We disclaim all liability towards the customer concerning any undisclosed or undeclared medical condition or prohibition from participating in sports in general at the time of registration.
Once the service is completed, the instructor is relieved of all responsibilities.
In case of a general lockdown or government-imposed travel restrictions preventing you from leaving your country, a refund for reserved and unused services will be provided, minus a €20 handling fee per participant.
For any other cancellation related to COVID-19 and reported prior to the start of the initial booking concerned (with supporting documentation), 50% of the total reservation amount will be retained (50% will be refunded).