Club des Dauphins - Swimming school

All swimming instructors know how to swim. Ours actually know how to teach

Our swimming school since 1962 on "Bijou Plage" in Cannes

Welcome to the public beach of "Bijou Plage" in Cannes.
Swimming school on the Côte d'Azur.
We teach in a unique environment (see the vidéo).

My name is Thierry and I’m a fully-qualified alpine skiing, swimming and fitness instructor.
I teach all these activities throughout the year.

From the 15 of june to the beginning of september
Informations : 9h to 12h30 and from 15h to 17h30
Lessons given from 9h to 13h and from 15h to 18h

Learn to swim from the age of 4

To focus on swimming, I want you to know that everyone can learn to swim from the age of 4, and when I say swim I mean coordinating the movements of the arms and legs in water (every child progresses at a different rate). Of course, this needs someone who has been trained to work with young children.

Watch the video of our young swimmers to get an idea of ​​our know-how. Watch the video

I was given such training early in my career and I’ve gone on to gain unique experience and expertise. My swimming school offers a warm welcome, friendly atmosphere and level of professionalism that you won’t find anywhere else.

Kids, teens and adults are all welcome to try out the activities that I organize during the summer season.

Remember to book well in advance of your stay to make sure you have room
(Reservations open from march)

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Michel VACHEZ et Thierry VACHEZ.

Une histoire de famille depuis 1962 :
Michel VACHEZ à l’origine de la création de cette exceptionnelle École de natation à Cannes en 1962 :
L’histoire débute sous le nom de « ÉCOLE MODERNE DE NATATION » pour devenir ensuite « Le Club des Dauphins » lorsque son fils Thierry le rejoint à l’âge de 22 ans.

Michel, précurseur dans bien des domaines, a su donner l’envie d’apprendre à nager à travers une méthode et une pédagogie unique.
Merci à toi papa de m’avoir transmis cette méthode et cette passion de l’enseignement et de m’avoir accueilli dans cette grande aventure professionnelle et familiale.


For the coming summer, contact us quickly to book your lessons. Call Sandrine +33(0)6 14 42 50 42
During summer time find us on Facebook !