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EasySkI - How to book online ?

100% online ski school

3 steps in the booking process with the click & ski by EasySkI

I choose
the dates of my stay
I see the availability
in real time
I book skiing and snowboarding lessons,
as well as the available options, in the online store

No need to go to our office : your booking confirmation is proof of registration.
Simply go to the start of your lesson and give your name to take advantage of click & ski by EasySkI.
Only come to the ski school office to :

  • ask for more information
  • buy a pass
  • hire or collect ski equipment booked online at -30% minimum. (our MGM Sports store is alongside our ski school office).
  • See : Village map

What I need to know before booking group lessons

  • Which level is right for me ?

When making your reservation, a precise description explains why to reserve in a group lesson or another, respect it. This information is also available on the "levels / medals" page
With EASYSKI, you must book in the level you got the last time, to get a level up at the end of the week.
We focus on quality: maximum ten people in the groups.

What I need to know before booking private lessons

  • Book online 24h / 24 and 7d / 7

Our system displays the schedules in real time, helping you to plan your bookings throughout the season.

Hire equipment at -30% minimum ?

  • Hire the latest and safest equipment at very reasonable prices

Book it at the same time as lessons on our website or hire it in our store as soon as you arrive on presentation of your ski school invoice.

  • EasySkI has its own skis rental store.

Even if they’re not taking lessons, parents and other family members can enjoy the same rates.

  • Prices example of our 6 or 7 days hire package (skis, boots and poles)
Initiation pack Progression pack Performance pack Top pack
- 13 y. old €48 €63 €87 € -
13 y. old + €63 €87 € - €109

Go to the "Equipment and prices" page to see the different ways to reserve your ski rental equipment at -30% minimum
Special « online booking » offer : every 4 packs purchased (consisting of: skis alone or skis + boots) = 1 pack free.

I book online

24h / 24, 7d / 7 online booking
Book online