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We're here so that you have the choice…

Our ski school in Alpe d’Huez since 1975

Easyski is an independent international ski school situated in Alpe d'Huez international resort. We propose you ski courses and snowboard courses in private lessons or collective lessons, from beginner to expert level. The number of participants is limited to 10 persons in our group lessons.

Specialized in the teaching of the early childhood, we have a unique Park The «MAGIC MARMOTTE PARK» including a space reserved for the learning of the ski for any youngs from 3 years, and a space village child with multiple activities: Skiing, sledging, fun in the snow, electric quad bikes, cabins, etc... for the children from 2 years.

Our several sports activities, events and awards are represented under the name of «LA MARMOTTE» which is one of our registred trademarks.

Why EasySkI ?

All ski instructors graduate from the same school in Chamonix. Each one is then free to teach independently or at the ski school of their choice. Just as you prefer a certain store for hiring ski equipment, we’re here so that you have the choice because we all have different wants and needs. Ours is a French ski school.

Our ski school is on a human scale with constant dialogue between instructors and students, and an easygoing, friendly atmosphere.

Our clientele is made up of independent families who don’t want to be confined by tour operators. We want to give you (back) confidence in the teaching of skiing or snowboarding. Oversized ski schools can’t manage all their activities properly.

A family story :
Michel VACHEZ at the origin of the creation of the first :
A strong family.

The quality of a ski school isn’t dependent on its size, but on its staff. Like French ski schools (ESF), ours is a private company. Don’t make the mistake of thinking that ESF are mandated by the French State and so are more official. They have just been around for longer.

We support free competition.
That gives you choices, including the choice to go where you want to.

Our ski school badges

Every ski school has its own medals.
Remember that no medal is more official than another.

Discover our badges



Our priorities are quality and safety, what are yours ?

Our group lessons are all designed for a maximum of ten people.

Don’t be afraid to make the switch, for you or your children. They’re sure to prefer motivated and approachable instructors to jam-packed lessons that don’t inspire confidence.

MGM Group in video

Video presentation of the different
MGM Group activities available
in Alpe d’Huez