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EasySkI - Private lessons ski / snowboard

Perfect for a targeted progression
Discipline Ski /
For who ? Children, Adults
With family or friends
Levels / medals Beginner to
competition +
2 starts "Rond Point des
or "Bergers" +

Private lessons Club
Alpe d’Huez Ski School private skiing / snowboarding lessons
Children, teens and adults. With family or friends

Who are private ski / snowboarding lessons aimed at ?

  • Private lessons are ideal for learning at your pace.
  • Private lessons are a perfect complement to group lessons for targeting a specific area or enjoying the undivided attention of your instructor.
  • They also offer a great introduction to snowboarding, discipline for which you must be really helped.
  • Perfect with family or friends. Build your group and ski in private session from 1 to 6 persons or more on demand (send us a request by mail).

Don’t be shy! Our instructors know how to put you at ease.

  • Private lessons are available every day.
  • Check availability, in real time, on the booking page : Book online

  • Children : private lessons are great in addition to group lessons to keep up with the others or to regain confidence.
  • Adults : a short course of reasonably priced private lessons can offer you the technical progression that’s just not possible in group lessons. Put your trust in us.

Our lesson departure points

For our private lessons, you have the choice of two departure points :

  • Rond point des pistes
  • Les Bergers

When you book online, however, we recommend "Rond Point des Pistes". This is the main departure point with access to the most slopes and is easily reached, whether you’re staying in or near "Les Bergers" area.
See : Village map

Take home a unique souvenir

Your progress will be captured on camera over the course of the week.
The film will be placed on a memory stick with a selection of photos and made available to buy for only €10.

Prices & Online booking

Ski / snowboard private lessons prices

1h 1h30 2h 2h30 3h 3h30 4h 6h
Same price for 1 or 2 PERS. €52 €78 €104 €130 €156 €184 €211 €459.50
Same price for 3 or 4 PERS. €73 €109.50 €146 €182.50 €219 €255.50 €292 €459.50
Same price for 5 or 6 PERS. €98.50 €147.50 €197 €246 €295.50 €344.50 €394 €459.50
Same price for 1 or 2 PERS.
1h €52
1h30 €78
2h €104
2h30 €130
3h €156
3h30 €184
4h €211
6h €459.50
Same price for 3 or 4 PERS.
1h €73
1h30 €109.50
2h €146
2h30 €182.50
3h €219
3h30 €255.50
4h €292
6h €459.50
Same price for 5 or 6 PERS.
1h €98.50
1h30 €147.50
2h €197
2h30 €246
3h €295.50
3h30 €344.50
4h €394
6h €459.50
6/7 days equipment rental in our shop
Skis + boots + poles
Starting at : €48
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