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Club des Dauphins - Tests and medals

Our badges classification

Our badges classification is specific to the Club des Dauphins. Our tests are made in the sea.
At the end of each private and group stage get a badge and a diploma. The names of our tests are as follows : DAUPHIN – NAGEOIRE - TETARD – CANARD
These names are registered trademarks. All rights reserved

We also organize additional tests on Sunday mornings in order to complete the assessments started in group or private lessons earlier in the week as well as various other tests as required.

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My first steps : CANARD et TETARD


Toute première familiarisation avec l'élément aquatique et initiation des mouvements de la brasse


Synchronize Breaststroke
moves with armbands

Canard +

First breaststroke without armbands


Swim 25 meters breaststroke without armbands
Aptitude tests : NAGEOIRE

1ère nageoire

50m breaststroke
crawl initiation

2e nageoire

25 meters crawl
25 meters backstroke
400 meters breaststroke

3e nageoire

50 meters crawl
50 meters backstroke
25 meters butterfly
1000 meters breaststroke

4e nageoire

100 meters crawl
100 meters backstroke
50 meters butterfly
1500 meters breaststroke
Performance tests : DAUPHIN

Speed tests - time tests

Dauphin de bronze

Boys :
25 meters freestyle in 21"
25 meters butterfly in 21"
Girls :
25 meters freestyle in 23"
25 meters butterfly in 23"

Dauphin d'argent

Boys :
50 meters freestyle in 41"
50 meters butterfly & freestyle in 41"
Girls :
50 meters freestyle in 45"
50 meters butterfly & freestyle in 45"

Dauphin d'or

Boys :
100 meters freestyle in 1'23"
Girls :
100 meters freestyle in 1'33

Dauphin de Vermeil

Boys :
100 meters 4 strokes in 1'53"
Girls :
100 meters 4 strokes in 2'03

Speed and distance mix tests - timed tests

Sea Skud de bronze

Breaststroke and crawl
550 meters in 15mn

Sea Skud d'argent

Breaststroke and crawl
700 meters in 20mn

Sea Skud d'or

Breaststroke and crawl
1000 meters in 30mn

Pure speed tests - timed tests

de bronze

Legs with board
25 meters in 36"


Legs with board
25 meters in 30"


Legs with board
25 meters in 25"

Speed and intensity tests – timed tests

400m x 4 nages
de bronze

400 meters 4 strokes
No time limit

400m x 4 nages

400 meters 4 strokes
Boys : in 8'
Girls : in 8'40"

400m x 4 nages

400 meters 4 strokes
Boys : in 7'20"
Girls : in 8'
Rescue tests

Bouée bleue

Duck dive. Get a 2 meters deep object and bring it up.
No time limit.

Bouée blanche

Get a 2 meters deep object, bring it up and swim 25 meters on your back without loosing it. No time limit.

Bouée rouge

Swim 25 meters freestyle, duck dive, bring up the mannequin and swim back with it.
Boys : in 1'20"
Girls : in 1'30
Long distances tests

Long distances

No time limit
2000 meters
3000 meters
4000 meters
5000 meters
6000 meters
10 000 meters.