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The Crooner universe is a way of life…

The art of life

The style is born with the sound of the concert halls.
It developed with the record industry, flourished through cinema, radio, television, and it continues with the Internet.

The most correct definition of the croon is :

« Charm American singer with Italian origin ».

The most famous are Frank Sinatra , Dean Martin.

In France, it was Jean Sablon who popularized this style. His father was a conductor, his sister singer of variety. Jean Sablon enrolled in the magazines of the Roaring Twenties, solo recorded tangos and sings jazz duet with Django Reinhardt. In 1936 in Mogador and Bobino, he innovates using a microphone to restore the intimate side of the radio, and emphasize the jazzy inflections of his crooning swing voice. In spite of the nicknames which will be affublera at the time ("Singer without voice", "P'tit that to the short sound" ...), this French Troubadour will impose itself, from Brazil to Japan passing by the USA.





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